2012 Honda CR-V Review

2012 Honda CR-V Photo
2012 Honda CR-V
MSRP Range:
$22,945 - $29,995 | Dealer Pricing
Fuel Economy:
22 MPG city / 30 MPG highway
2.4L I4
Four Wheel Drive,Two Wheel Drive


When SUVs were first introduced, the term “compact SUV” would’ve seemed to be an oxymoron, given the Hummer-inspired SUVs at that time. Now newer models, such as the 2012 Honda CR-V, offer a more manageable size that actually enhances functionality. The 2012 CR-V is the latest iteration of a class-leading model that offers three trim levels to satisfy anyone looking for the basics with a luxury look.


Whatever the trim level, the new 2012 Honda CR-V bears a sporty look with elegant curves at the rear which meet sharper lines at the front. With a slick horizontal grille, the 2012 CR-V appears poised for action; and at prices from $22,300 to $27,000, it doesn’t take much to get this compact SUV on the road.


The 2012 Honda CR-V has consistently ousted the competition in its class, but Honda did not simply send a carbon copy of last year’s model to the market. Instead, Honda completely overhauled the CR-V for 2012, with the aforementioned sleek looks and a laundry list of interior appointments and features to maintain its ranking as the optimal family SUV. A particularly relevant feature is the improved fuel efficiency, which offers relief from any rising gas prices. The 2012 Honda CR-V earns 31 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city, which is unheard-of for an SUV and a definite gift for families looking to make ends meet.

Honda offers the new CR-V in front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD), and has room for six passengers. The CR-V provides enough power for carting cargo or taking the family on trips, with a 185-horsepower inline-4 engine paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. Even with a full trunk, the CR-V still manages to cruise along and make highway passes without any problems. Honda managed to bump up the horsepower and fuel efficiency specs for the 2012 edition of the CR-V by offering the same base engine but tweaking the design to ensure an increase in alternator efficiency and a decrease in friction between any internal components.


In spite of a more powerful engine, the new version of the CR-V has a remarkably quiet cabin, which is nice for drivers and passengers looking to take advantage of the spacious interior it has to offer. Honda equipped this years model with a broad range of standard features, including Bluetooth, a rear-view camera, two information screens, iPod input, and the ability to read incoming text messages aloud. Upgrading beyond the base model allows drivers to access higher-end features such as DVD player, satellite radio, and a navigation system.

When the Honda CR-V was introduced, there were far fewer compact SUVs to choose from, but in 2012, the CR-V faces a lot of competition. When matched against the Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4, and other smaller SUVs, the CR-V tends to come out on top in terms of being a well-rounded family vehicle that doesn’t require upgrades to provide high-end features. Those with larger families and a penchant for long road trips may wish to look more toward the luxury SUV category for improved comfort and cargo space, but such SUVs tend to be much more expensive than the latest CR-V and can’t match the fuel efficiency it has to offer.


All models of the 2012 Honda CR-V offer a variety of safety features, including traction and stability control, hill start assist, dual-stage front airbags, and side curtain airbags. As a result, the 2012 version of the CR-V was named a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These features enhance the appeal of the Honda CR-V as a family vehicle, particularly when paired with its strong driving performance and capable handling (which can aid in avoiding accidents).

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