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New Bentley Continentals

View invoice pricing for new Bentley Continentals by selecting one of the new Continental years below. View the latest specs for MSRP, MPG, and rebates for the Bentley Continental as well as see specific data on each of the available trims. The new Bentley Continental gets between 12 to 20 MPG with a MSRP of $218,400 - $236,100. The current Convertible has a 4.0L V8 engine that has Four Wheel Drive to help with performance. Start now by selecting one of the new Continental years or used our classified search to view our inventory of used Bentley Continentals.

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MSRP Range:
$205,600 - $236,100
Fuel Economy:
11 MPG city / 18 MPG highway
6.0L W12
All Wheel Drive