Best Small to Mid-Size Vehicles for Women Commuters

The following are our top 3 small or mid-size cars that are great for women commuters.  These cars were chose with a couple of points in mind.  Below are the requirements used as well as which cars were selected.

These are the requirements for Best Cars for Women, 2012:

* Respectable safety ratings
* Decent price and value for vehicle category
* Practical and easy to use for variety of daily activities
* Reasonable gas mileage or an easy-to-use hybrid fueled car
* Interior of car must be durable with clutter-free features
* Combine a cool style with reliability

Top 3 Small to Mid-size for women commuters in 2012.

Mazda3 – This car gets all-around good ratings based on our Women’s List of Requirements. It is not particularly large or spacious, but it is a comfortable car with good lucks for those long commutes to work. The Mazda3 has a wide range of prices due to all of the packages and options available to fit your style. Prices range from about $14,700 up to $23,700.

Ford FiestaFord has made a positive impact with this subcompact car. It has received several prestigious awards for overall good quality and value for the price. The Ford Fiesta is good choice for women on with a small budget. A cute little car handles well under various driving conditions. If you are commuting to work or school on a wet, rainy highway, the high safety ratings for the Fiesta will be especially reassuring. Expect to find this car priced anywhere from $12,500 to $17,500.

Toyota Prius – This car gets excellent points as a mid-size hybrid car for women looking for overall steady performance. It is available in as a full Hybrid or a Hybrid Plug-in version. Price range is anywhere from $22,500 to $29,800 for this vehicle that will save you a small fortune in fuel costs.

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